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Proven Compensation plan QMM

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Beta-glucans in Royal Glucan helps macrophages recognize and destroy cells exhibiting tumor activity – thanks to the use of Royal glucan activity is greatly increased, macrophages effectively and faster seeks harmful cells and absorb them.

About Us

Nubest Life offers premium quality nutritional product that is to improving the health, strongs immunity and also changes the lives of people in Nubest Life.

Compensation Plan

Nubest Life offers the most dynamic and original compensation plan – QMM.  We prepared for you twenty bonus levels, commission levels and extra commission levels – 50% of the sales volume paid out in distributor commissions. Nubest Life  is a powerfully rewarding opportunity!

Join Us

NUBEST LIFE products rely on the know-how of development groups with 30 years of tradition, co-operating with scientists all over the world, who are giving this product the real quality reflecting a significant effect on our body. One of the keys to success is the quality ingredients and raw materials, which are also macrobiologically tested before using.

For our rapid expansion, we use on-line training system. Thanks this system you are never in this business  alone.

QMM is the original compensation plan. This system guarantees a high and quick profits with weekly payouts and fixing achieved positions.

In NUBEST LIFE we pay from the turnover back to the network 50%. Therefore it originates a very lucrative business without risky investments, employees, fees, rents and additional expenses connected with traditional businesses.

  • Customer

    New customer which prefers use of the product with no benefits.

  • User

    Users who prefer to use the product and also have bonus benefits from the purchase and from the recommendations of other users and customers.

  • Distributor

    Distributor is on the position of Sales Manager, uses the product with all the benefits of a bonus and is also part of the commission system. Also have bonus benefits and commission from the purchase and from the recommendations of other users, customers and distributors.

  • Business

    Business partner is on the position of Sales Manager 1,  uses the product with all the benefits of a bonus and is also part of the commission system. Also have the biggest bonus benefits, commission and extra commission from the purchase and from the recommendations of other users, customers, distributors and business partners.

What others say about us

Jindriska, 64years

At the end of the summer my doctor found a lump in the breast and  it was  carcinogen lump. Followed operation and then I underwent radiotherapy. Before all this followed I got from my son Royal Glucan , which was recommended by our doctor, and I started to use it before operation. I must say that my condition improved, the wound healed much better, better I tolerated radiotherapy. Overall health improved too like skin, nails and hair looked great. And what’s more it  strengthen my immunity. Regularly I used the product Royal Glucan until I finished radiotherapy series. Now, two years after, I am still takeing it preventively. It makes me feel good.

Jindriska, 64years
Dave, 37years

Really, now in my 37 years, I found security! The certainty about which I have always heard from parents, teachers, friends, but also from complete strangers. Everybody wants to have security. Product is great and efficient and so is QMM system of payment. I’m not dependent on anyone and have more time to spend with my family.

Dave, 37years
Martin, 49years

Two years ago I was a patient in the hematology clinic. In eight cycles I went through chemotherapy in combination with biological treatment. As part of a doctors recommendation was also to prevent contact with the infection. I decided to radically support my immune system during treatment. On the website you will find plenty of options. I contacted the sales representative individual companies for their presentations and I, on the basis of experience and positive user reviews of the product, choosed product Royal Glucan. This I used during treatment, when it is necessary as much as possible to strengthen the immune system, and I’m using it so far as prevention untill now. During treatment I wasnt fatigue, I could be in group with people and did not get any infection and treatment I managed much better than other patients with whom I met in the hospital. 

Martin, 49years
Lenka, 23years

I have not experienced a year, if I was not sick at least 2 times. I have diabetes and my immunity is weakened. I bought a Royal Glucan on medical advice. After three days, I immediately felt the difference. Physically, I felt relaxed and full of energy. When started flue season and I felt that I could might get flue, I only increased the dose in that season and was ok. Diabetes get leveled, and blood test results were much better than normal. Allergies stopped and even I do not take any medication. I believe the effect of the product and never stop to using it.

Lenka, 23years